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Geoffrey Crofte

Hundreds of hours spent to make this plugin per...


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Version 2.0.0 is on going

It's been a long time than Social Post Sharer didn't benefit from a real update.It's totally normal since I've been working on big rework almost from scratch of the plugin. You will find a roadmap on the...
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Published on July 15, 2020 by Geoffrey Crofte


Social Post Sharer is, on the paper, a pretty simple WordPress Plugin: it adds buttons after or before your posts to allow visitors to share your content.
Select your favorite social networks among a list of available networks, save, and you are done!

People will be able to share your great blog or website content with a simple click.

"What’s the difference with other tools that do the same work?"
Here is a list of things Social Post Sharer is doing, for real:
- It doesn't load tones of trackers on your website,
- It respects your users’ privacy,
- It keeps your website light weight and fast,
- It’s accessible: no more empty buttons generated in JavaScript

Over 10,000 users are satisfied with it, and they don't know yet what's coming with the version 2.0.0!

What does the plugin cover?
A lot actually, small but powerful:
  • 8 button skins available,
  • More than 14 buttons,
  • Option to open links in a new window (deactivated by default),
  • Choose to display only the social network icon,
  • Add your Twitter account name to add "via" during a share,
  • Choose to display buttons only on certain type of post,
  • Choose to hide buttons only on certain posts directly in the edit page (metabox),
  • Choose to display buttons at the bottom, the top of the content, or both,
  • Put the buttons everywhere you want with our shortcode,
  • Customize mail texts (subject and body)
  • Display a sharings counter (however we don't recommend using it for UX and performance issues)
  • Dev-friendly:
    •  hooks are available for markup customization (or add some things)
    • A hook is available and offer you the opportunity to add the bouton you need
    • Use template function juiz_sps() or get_juiz_sps() in your code
  • Extensive documentation (coming soon)

What's coming with the next version (2.0.0)?
The next version is coming with a lot of new content:
  • Reworked skins (icons and colors)
  • Remove of old buttons that doesn't exist anymore,
  • New fresh buttons like Pocket, Evernote, Mix, or Diigo,
  • New admin area for more user-friendly management,
  • Drag & Drop buttons in the order you want,
  • New options in the shortcode for a better implementation,
  • A new documentation with tutorials,
  • Skin you buttons directly from your theme with a custom CSS file in your theme folder,
  • A skin shop coming soon…
I don't know for you, but I am excited by that 😊

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Geoffrey Crofte

Hundreds of hours spent to make this plugin per...