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Our friends from Autonomous Media London are starting a new Arrestee Support Fund for all the unleashed dogs who are in trouble with the law.


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Our friends from Autonomous Media London are starting a new Arrestee Support Fund for all the unleashed dogs and autonomous militants who are in trouble with the law.
On top of this online crowdfunder, they will be throwing benefit parties every few months (keep checking our socials for info): super tasty food and drinks will be served at popular prices, everything on top of some sleek jam sessions. Get in touch if you want to play or just show up at the party (anyone can have a go at the plates).
We'll also be hosting infoshops, merch stalls and and some DIY creations: ALL money will go the fund.

At the moment, they are supporting a comrade who is being brought to (un)justice under the accusation of having participated in a No Borders action. They are facing up to 10 years in prison for allegedly taking part in stopping the building of a wall between Austria and Italy around 7 years ago. The aim of the project was to block the migrant routes from Italy, the nth big undertaking for the construction of Fortress Europe. Guess what?! The project fell through and the wall was never built.

See the statement here:
"On the 7 May 2016, at the Brenner Pass, hundreds of No Borders demonstrators protested against the Austrian state’s migration policy.
At that time, the Austrian government had announced plans for tighter border controls, to restrict access through the Alpine crossing and to build a fence to prevent a new influx of refugees arriving from Italy.
Since the protest, five people have been convicted, 13 were acquitted and 65 are awaiting trial. They are accused of the crimes of devastation, looting, aggravated resistance and damage.
A member of our group has been charged for this day action.
We are raising money to cover his legal costs. If you are able to contribute please contribute here!
We stand in solidarity with our comrades who: campaign against borders everyday, fight for freedom of movement, fight fascism and repression, oppose police violence.
It is our duty to fight for freedom and it is our duty to win."

If you are a fellow arrestee and need financial as well as other types of support, do get in  touch so we can meet over a coffee to have a chat and see what the best way to help you could be. In the meantime, check out the super legit comrades from Green & Black Cross and  ACAB (Activist Court Aid Brigade) who have long been helping us to keep our shit together.

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