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Open Collective
Happy Spring from the South Philadelphia Community Fridge!
Published on April 9, 2022 by Victoria Jayne

Happy Spring, Fridge Friends! Because of your generosity, we were able to reimburse thirty-four fridge fills in the month of March! Our volunteers fill between one and three fridges per reimbursement, in addition to food donated by our community members. We also receive large food donations from grocery partners like South Philly Food Co-Op and Grocery Outlet of Quartermaster Plaza, along with our friends at Share Food Program, Sharing Excess, Food Connect, and NW Mutual Aid. We had a month of full, happy fridges with your help!

In the month of March, we received $3,266.40 in donations, including proceeds from the sale of merchandise. We spent $2,880.16. Of our expenditures, $250 was spent on annual liability insurance to protect our volunteers and fridge users, $159.12 was spent on special events at Smith Playground, and $2,471.04 was spent on directly feeding South Philadelphia! 

We're looking forward to a beautiful Spring season with our neighbors, and it's all made possible through your generous gifts of your time and resources. Thank you so much.