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Sharing the Love in February!
Published on March 8, 2023 by Victoria Jayne

February was a blockbuster month for feeding our neighbors at South Philadelphia Community Fridge! With the enormous influx of funds we received at the end of 2022, we were able to spend $7,803.52 on food in February.  All of our expenditures in February were on food for the fridges and pantries. As we shared in this segment on CBS News, we are spending more money on food right now than at any point in our organization's history. In February we completed two hundred and forty-two fridge fills. This is by far a record for us, and an incredible increase from December and January where we tracked 128 and 129 fills.

We're anticipating a significant increase in hunger in South Philadelphia, as food stamp allotments in Pennsylvania were cut at the end of February. Your financial support of South Philadelphia Community Fridge is incredibly meaningful in this moment, and we are so appreciative of your contributions.

We raised $2,715 in financial donations in February, and received hundreds of pounds of food donations. We're continuing to expand our food rescue capabilities to bring in more food and stop food waste. In February, we began food rescue from Mighty Bread Co and Salt and Vinegar PHL, two local businesses. Food rescue saves food that is still good to eat, but past the sell-by recommendation. It is estimated that about 40% of food in the United States is ultimately wasted, while millions of people experience hunger.   

As we look towards March, we are rising to meet the challenge of operating as a hunger relief organization during skyrocketing inflation and a massive reduction in government food aid. Our community of dedicated neighbors, volunteers, and donors gives us hope for a better and brighter future, where all our neighbors have what they need. Your support is bringing us closer. Thank you for what you do.