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In 2013, I obtained my Agronomical Engineer diploma in natural resource management.  My engineering thesis focused on the theme “Structure, ecology and spatial distribution of Antiaris toxicaria Lesch. and Ceiba pentandra (L) Gaert in the forests of South Benin ”.  This gave me a taste for research in forest ecology and, to pursue doctoral studies.  Thus, I signed up for a Master of Sciences that I obtained in 2015 still in the same faculty.  This diploma allowed me to register in 2017 for a Ph.D. in the same university under the supervision of the Laboratory of Forest Sciences (LSF).  As a research assistant at LSF, I have conducted research and published several scientific articles in international journals (  My research in biodiversity conservation led me to discover the biodiversity informatics field. I have published several biodiversity data through GBIF and Inaturalist portals. I am currently a member of GBIF Benin and moderator of the IPT (Integrated Publishing Toolkit) of GBIF Benin. 

My career is not that academic. My passion for the forest, ecology, biodiversity, and sustainable development, drove me to create September 2016 the NGO SOS Biodiversity ( As president of this NGO, I work actively for the conservation of biodiversity and the sustainable management of the environment.