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Happy Pride Month! Here’s what we were up to in May
Published on June 5, 2023 by Keira Evans

We received £3,430 from 116 financial contributors, and we spent £2,343. Our current balance is £15,642. Thank you so much to @SongbirdsCdf for raising £200 for us through their concert! 

This month, we boosted Beck’s campaign to help them cover the cost of travel and recovery for their top surgery. Thank you for helping them reach their goal! 

We also boosted Ryan’s campaign to help cover the cost of travel for their top surgery. Please consider helping them reach their goal here: 

Finally, we are supporting Sam’s campaign to help them cover the cost of top surgery. Please consider helping them reach their goal here: 

We met with Victor Madrigal-Borloz, the United Nations Independent Expert on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (@victor_madrigal). See his statement on the rights of LGBTQ+ people in the UK here: You can find the @PinkNews coverage of the report here: 

On 8th May, @TransActualUK and our team held a second workshop in the “Seeking Support From your GP” series. If you are a Black trans person or trans person of colour (BPOC), please join us for our next session on 10th June. BSL will be available! Sign up here: 

On 12th May, we held our monthly Big Splash - a pay what you can event (thanks to @NotAPhase) for trans, nonbinary, and intersex people to swim or use a gym that’s reserved just for us! 

On 20th May, we held our monthly Newport meetup! This is a free sober social for TIN people which occurs on the 3rd Saturday of each month from 1-4PM. Please note that we will NOT have this meetup in June as we will be at the Big Queer Picnic! More on that later! 

On 23rd May, we had a guided tour of the queer exhibit at @AmgueddfaCymru Thank you so much for inviting us!! 

We have been following the events in Ely where police killed Kyrees Sullivan, 16, and 15-year-old Harvey Evans and lied about their chase. This is another in a long line of acts of police violence and a reminder of why we do not support cops at any Pride event. @voice_wales provided more information here: as did @QueerManifWales and @GlitterCymru 

Relatedly, please know that there are ongoing issues with Pride Cymru as seen below: An open letter is in the works here: @Inaccessiblecdf provided further context in their founder, Juno’s, outgoing letter here: 

Here’s what’s coming up in June: 

Join us for our Cardiff Meetup on the 3rd or for our Big Splash event on the 9th! These events are funded by and in collaboration with @NotAPhaseOrg If spoons allow, please stay after the Cathays meetup on the 3rd for a Garden Party! 

We will NOT have our Newport or Dyddiau Du meetups this month as we will be at the Big Queer Picnic! Join us at @bigqueerpicnic on the 17th from 1PM at Sophia Gardens in Cardiff! 

Here are some resource reminders: 

@TransEmployers just launched a website listing UK employers offering medical packages that include care for gender dysphoria! Find more here: 

Looking for free online youth groups for trans and nonbinary people? @Genderintell has you covered! 

Are you based in Ceredigion or Aberystwyth and looking for a queer space? Please express your interest to @queerlittleshop here: 

Looking for meetups across the country? Check out our list of support meetups here (under the Community tab): 

Did you know we have a GP map? You can find GPs trained by the Welsh Gender Service, see which ones might be best to avoid, and see which ones are recommended by other TIN people. Check it out here: 

Looking for a literary agency and/or publishing consultant for LGBTQIA+ writers? Check out @frogliterary !

@lgbthero have compiled a list of social groups, support groups, and organisations for LGBTQ+ people of South Asian heritage for their South Asian Wellbeing hub. Check it out here:

Please save the date to attend @GlitterCymru for Wales’ QTIPOC Pride on 12th August!