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Here’s what we’ve been up to in August!
Published on September 6, 2022 by Keira Evans

We received £2,465 from 100 financial contributors and we spent £4,230. Our current balance is £13,074. 

This month, we shared Lucy’s fundraiser to help them with goods and essential furniture. Please consider helping them along to their £2,200 goal here:

It’s been a busy month for pride events! On 10th August, we attended the Cynon Family Pride Carnival in Aberdare! We were so excited to meet so many supportive parents and families! On 13th August, we attended Glitter Pride Special shoutouts to Shash, Aiman and Shahbaaz who also took the stage! On 27th August, we set up a big gazebo at Sophia Gardens to attend the Big Queer Picnic and feasted on some pizza! It was a great time and you can check out @LGBTQymru’s write-up here:

Rudy, one of our co-founders, was published by @LGBTQymru for his piece on how poverty affects LGBTQ+ people. He calls for the LGBTQ+ sector to address poverty as a core LGBTQ+ issue. You can read it here:

The heat in mid-August left us unable to host our Geek Retreat meetup, but we were thankful to have the place available to those who could still attend. 

The Pinc List was released on 20th August. We are so proud of our co-founder Shash (top ten!) and member Kay (“one to watch”) who were both listed!

Thank you so much to @NotAPhaseOrg who are supporting our swimming events! We had an amazing time at the pool on 26th August and are looking forward to going again next month! We have a pool and gym reserved for trans, intersex, and nonbinary people (carers welcome). Email us with questions, grab a towel, and come join us! 

We also wanted to say a huge thank you to @SWGMC and @BoyoCraig for raising money for us through your 5K!

In August, we ran a volunteer drive and had an amazing 50+ people who applied! We are so thankful to have more members in our team and look forward to improving the conditions of trans, nonbinary, and intersex people in Wales.

Looking to get involved with TAC? We are always looking for donations given the rising cost of living. We are also looking for people who can drive or cycle to help transport goods for trans folks. We can help reimburse for petrol and other costs. Just shoot us an email at: [email protected]

Please also reach out if you have had a hysterectomy and are willing to share what was helpful to you in your recovery - we are hoping to expand our surgery pack resources! 

Remember - the deadline to provide feedback on the Welsh Government’s drafted HIV Action Plan for Wales is 14th September. Find the information here:

Here are reminders about some resources we shared in August: 

@AsylumMagUK offer alternative options outside the NHS mental support system. You can find more information here:

@LGBTConsortium have shared a funding opportunity for LGBT+ organisations in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales led by D/deaf, disabled and neurodivergent people, LGBTQI+ women, older people, racialised people/people tackling racial injustice, and trans and nonbinary people. You can find more here: Applications are due 30th October!

@Genderintell have resumed offering in-person and online youth groups for young trans and gender variant people. You can find more information here:

@aktcharity put together some resources for people accessing benefits, including how to access Universal Credit,  for the first time. You can find more information here:

The National Harm Reduction Coalition released a list of resources for reducing harm while using substances. You can find it here:

@GBCLegal are hosting trainings on 12th and 30th September where you can learn about your legal rights as a protestor and train to become a Legal Observer. Visit their website to learn more:

Finally, you can order a free and confidential STI test kit to an address of your choice through Public Health Wales at: Please note that you will need to be tested for Monkeypox at a sexual health clinic. These tests will not detect Monkeypox.

We had a wildly busy August - we’re excited to see what September brings!