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Here’s what we’ve been up to in February!
Published on March 6, 2023 by Keira Evans

We hope you had a fruitful LGBT+ History Month. Here’s what we were up to in February - 

We received £4,031 from 168 financial contributors, and we spent £3,859. Our current balance is £16,099.

First, we want to extend peace and care for our community which is still mourning Brianna Ghey, a young trans girl who was murdered on 11th February. Thank you to those who donated to her family’s GoFundMe and for those who attended the many memorials around the UK. 

Thank you to those who raised funds for us in February! That [email protected] who raised £250, and @TransSingers who raised over £800 through their concert! 

Last month, we shared a GoFundMe for someone who needed to remain anonymous. They and their pet bird need to escape abuse from Southeast Asia and are moving to the UK. Please continue to help them fundraise here: We also shared @speccyferret ‘s Ko-fi to help him raise money for his top surgery at the end of this month. Please consider helping him reach his goal here: We shared Alex’s GoFundMe for support with top surgery expenses and are happy to announce that they have surpassed their fundraising goal. Thank you for your help! We are currently boosting Dan’s GoFundMe for HRT and top surgery. Donate to their fundraiser here: 

On 17th February, we had a stall at @AmgueddfaCymru ‘s QUEER event. Thank you to those who stopped by to say hello!

On 20th February, we hosted our monthly Cardiff City Centre meeting at @DyddiaDu! Thank you to Not a Phase for their funding and collaboration on these meetups!  Thank you to those who attended, and please pop in to join us next month for free sober social time for trans, intersex, and nonbinary people. Feel free to bring a board game or just come to socialise. 

On 21st February, TAC and our community covered the UK government building in Cardiff with birth, death, and marriage certificates to represent trans people across the UK who are unable to get married, have children, or even die without being misgendered. We did this in response to the UK Government blocking the Scottish GRR bill. Trans people deserve dignity, and it’s time the UK government understands that. @LGBTQymru covered the event here: 

On 25th March, @TransSingers, @SWGMC, and @SongbirdsCdf performed together and held a space to remember Brianna Ghey. 

Here’s what’s coming up: 

On 10th March, we will have our monthly Big Splash event. Stay tuned or contact us for details and tickets! 

On 17th March, Cŵm Rag have a show at @theCentre to celebrate their Homecoming! We’re excited and can’t wait to see them! Find out more here: 

On 18th March, we will have our monthly Newport Meetup. Stay tuned or contact us for details! There will be a ‘Seeking support from your GP’ workshop that same day from 2-4PM. Sign up here: Need a BSL interpreter? Let @TransActualUK know! 

On 20th March, we will have our Dyddiau Du meetup from 1-4PM!

Are you a queer artist or group who might like to perform at the @BigQueerPicnic later this year? DM them on Twitter or Facebook to express interest!  

Here are some extra resources: 

@GalopUK have launched the UK’s first LGBT+ Rape and Sexual Abuse Helpline. Call 0800 999 5428 or email [email protected] with questions or to get in touch. 

@WasARiot shared a list of financial resources which you can find here: 

As a reminder, we have a Carrd full of resources which you can access here: We closed down our surgery pack scheme, but you can find our replacement here: