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Open Collective
Here's what we've been up to in July
Published on August 7, 2022 by Keira Evans

We received £3,445 from 107 financial contributors and we spent £3,122. We donated £250 to keep the Big Queer Picnic free this year. Our current balance is £14,895.
Thank you to @penfight for donating proceeds from their #FeministsForTransRights merch!
CONGRATULATIONS to our raffle winners, and thank you so much to everyone who purchased tickets! We raised £366 for our mutual aid pot! Winners - your prizes should be arriving soon!
Due to a miscommunication on our team, we were named on a nomination for a Wales Online award. Due to their continued disrespect of our late Iggy Rose earlier this year, we have stopped engaging with Wales Online and apologize to members who may have been alarmed by the nomination announcement. We are not and do not wish to be associated with Wales Online.
On July 2nd, Rudy interviewed Shon Faye - meaning we've now had two of our TAC staff interview Shon!
On July 3rd, we received news from Songbirds that they had raised a total of £240 for TAC through tickets to their latest concert and donations. Thank you!
Our co-founder Shash Appan spoke on a panel, "We still Need to Talk About the Charity Complex," for BAME Online. She spoke about the failure of charity systems to properly meet the needs of our communities, particularly for people who are trans, disabled, and/or racialised.
We all know Pride doesn't end in June! We *loved* attending Llanelli Pride, and we were so excited to see so many of you!
We saw that you enjoyed the Big Splash event as much as we did! We were able to book the pool again for the 29th and had a blast with you all. We will be hosting swimming events on the final Friday of each month through November! The pool is booked just for trans, intersex, and nonbinary people with family, friends, and carers welcome. Find more information on our Facebook group, or message us for more details!
As a reminder going into August, the ninth annual international Gender Census is running through 13th August. You can find more information and complete the census here:
Let's talk about Monkeypox. As a special note to people of any gender who sleep with men who have sex with men, you may be eligible for the smallpox vaccine. You can call the number
02921 835208 to confirm. The vaccine can be received at the Splott Vaccination Centre in Cardiff. @TeamPrepster shared a "Monkeypox Gay Guide" which you can find here:

If you are interested in one of our £60 grants for trans, intersex, and nonbinary people in Wales, please express your interest here:

note that Open Collective can no longer pay out via PayPal! You can also always access resources about transition and advocacy through our carrd:

Here's how you can continue to support TAC: We are looking for volunteers to help organise our meal share scheme throughout Cathays and Roath. Volunteers would use WhatsApp to help coordinate with the people cooking the food, and the ones delivering it.

This month, we shared Kyan's Go Fund Me. He is raising money to cover top surgery expenses including his hotel, travel, and food costs. Please consider helping Kyan reach his goal at this link:

We also shared Zachariah's fundraiser for his top surgery costs after aging out of children's services. Please consider helping him reach his goal at this link:

Finally, we shared Luci's fundraiser to cover hyr living costs. We still have a bit to go, so please consider donating to hyr fundraiser here:
Thank you for your continued support - we are excited to see what August brings!