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What we've been up to in June!
Published on July 5, 2022 by Keira Evans

We had a packed Pride month, and we hope you had a great one, too! Here's everything we've been up to in June:
We received £2,001 from 101 total contributors and spent £3,488. Our current balance is now £14,619.
Thank you so much to those who fundraised for us this month! SciQueer Crafting (Charlotte Roughton and Sarah Cosgriff) did an amazing job raising money for us by selling their queer science cross stitch patterns! They are supporting other groups now, but you can find their Kofi shop here: We’re so grateful for the £175 raised for us! Thank you also to zel (@faewinged) for donating a portion of their commission proceeds of flat color ychs for anthros to us! You can find their Kofi shop here:
We ran our annual raffle with an extra special twist this year! We offered a total of SIX prize bundles and bonus stickers! The raffle is still running through 15th July, so go check it out here: Entries are £5! All of the bundles feature work from LGBTQ+ artists throughout Wales, and all proceeds go back into our grant system to further support trans, nonbinary, and intersex people.
On June 4th, we had a picnic at The Queer Emporium. We had a blast!!
We continued our fight to ban so-called 'conversion therapy.' For more information and some quotes from one of our founders, Shash Appan, who spoke with Open Democracy: We also had an interview with Channel 5 News about experiences with trans 'conversion therapy' which you can find here:
On 14th June, we joined Pink News at their first Summer Pride Reception. We had space to talk to other organizations and politicians, and Shash gave a speech directly calling out inaction and harm done. She was met with a standing ovation afterward, and we hope that this support translates into political change. You can read Shash's speech here:
We had the opportunity to speak to Victoria Scone (from Drag Race UK!) at Queer Fringe Fest on June 15th!! Shahbaaz did an amazing job at interviewing and it was great to hear them spill the tea!
We also joined the effort to support the Queer Emporium. For those who don't know, a bar has applied to open across from QE, which is a safe place for LGBTQ+ people, especially under 18s. In effort to keep the QE safe for all LGBTQ+ people, but especially to protect those under 18, we shared a petition to the Cardiff City Council. You can view and sign the letter through QE's linktree here: More information about this can be found here:
Our trans swimming event in Cardiff made a return last month, and we had a safe space just for us! Thank you to those of you who joined us, and we’re excited to announce they will be happening every month! Check out the Facebook group for the dates!
It was great to see friends at Llandovery Pride on 25th June! We gave out so many stickers, brochures, and pins! We’ll be at Llanelli Pride this month, so come say hi if you’re about!
In case you missed it, check out the Metro for a feature of Shash and so many stories of change!
As a reminder, Kyan's GoFundMe is still running! Help Kyan cover their travel expenses for top surgery here:
We have done so much this month, and we are excited to keep going in July. Thank you so much for your support, take care of each other!
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