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Upcycle plastic waste in Sri Lanka.

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Segrigate waste in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.
Collect waste in Sri Lanka.
Expanding space will suport to accomedate more plastic into our workspace and increase our produc...


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Support - Awarenesss Kit and Curriculum

Published on July 23, 2022 by Jayanthan Amalanathan

Hi there, Is there anyone in the community to support us in developing a educational kit to create awareness among school students and a curriculum?


 Trash for Trade is a nonprofitable Plastic Upcycling Social Enterprise. It is a social innovation idea developed by a few of my university batch mates from the state university of Sri Lanka initiated by a social innovation model type startup.

Initially, we had an idea to eradicate the plastic pollution in our surroundings when we were teenagers. But we didn’t find any sustainable solution at that time. We tried many ideas but didn't work well with a long-term sustainable solution. Later we got the connection with DreamSpace Academy and developed an open source project from the Precious Plastic community. It is a successful sustainable application that was developed in so many countries around the globe. Then we adopted the idea of precious plastic and integrated the whole system with Trash For Trade. 

Now we have formed an emerging startup called Trash For Trade. We are collecting the plastics from the surrounding, segregating them into types, shredding the plastics, and finally making the plastic raw outputs and plastic remedies like 3D filament & table mat, etc. Then sell those products among the local communities. Making money on plastic trash and reducing plastic pollution is the key success benchmark in our solution. This also increases employability in the surrounding communities and directly increases plastic pollution awareness. This keeps us motivated to expand our infrastructure to the next phase.

So far, we have the place for the collection center and shredder machine. With our current infrastructure, we have downcycled over 8000kg of plastic. The collected crowdfund money will be used to create a collection center in a container consignment, build the molder machine, build the injecting machine, and the other legal and organizational patch-up works, along with empowering three women-headed families. We attach the website here with. Reach us anytime for further clarification at [email protected].

We highly rely on the people who are willing to support social change. Our vision to make a future free from plastic pollution.


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