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Open Collective
Bracing for next wave
Published on November 21, 2020 by Ellen Y Kuwana

It's hard for me to believe it's November already.

I ran out of steam and stopped keeping such detailed track of the deliveries I have done, but I would estimate we're at 20,000 frontline workers that WeGotThisSeattle has fed and caffeinated!

Huge thanks to the people who have helped out, particularly Signe Burke, during the really busy months of April, May and June!

Donations continue to come in, and will be much needed in the coming dark months in and around Seattle. Please spread the word that donations are tax-deductible. It's really just me right now, and all the funds go to local restaurants and businesses.

I plan to focus a bit more on the Eastside, getting back in touch with my contacts at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue, and UW and Virginia Mason clinics in Issaquah. I'm open to other suggestions, also!

Due to concerns about staff eating together inside, I'll be focusing on

  1. Individually wrapped treats (Seattle Chocolates, Theo Chocolates, Fran's Chocolates) to sites, as well as coffee from Starbucks (always welcome!). Please let me know if you have other ideas for treats.
  2. Frozen meals, like ones Mark Thai Food Box offers, that I can deliver to sites and they can stock the freezer in the breakroom. We'd have a sign so staff know to grab a dinner on their way home.
  3. Gift cards to restaurants so that tired frontline worker can call in a meal on their way home and pick it up and have $15-20 of it paid. I'd focus on lower-paid workers, such as grocery clerks, daycare and preschool staff, certified nurse assistants, environmental services/cleaning crew members. Flatstick Pub has already provided 50 gift cards for a free pizza and beer, so I'll start to distribute those after Thanksgiving. Suggestions of restaurants welcome who might help out (I can also pay for gift cards if donations continue--we want to help the restaurants, also!).

THANK YOU everyone, stay safe, be well, and I'm grateful for everything you've done to help this project and make Seattle a safer place to be during the pandemic.