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CI for Apple Silicon has been archived.

CI for Apple Silicon has been archived and is no longer active.

CI for Apple Silicon

Part of: DMLC/XGBoost

Rent Mac Mini from MacStadium to host CI for Apple Silicon


Currently, users of Apple Silicon must build XGBoost4J / XGBoost4J-Spark from the source. Not only this is inconvenient, it makes it difficult to deploy apps that has dependency on XGBoost4J. It would be a big improvement if XGBoost4J shipped with a native binary targeting Apple Silicon.

Free CI services such as GitHub Actions do not provide support for Apple Silicon. Third-party cloud vendors such as MacStadium provide the service at a fixed monthly cost.

If you'd like to see native support for XGBoost4J on Apple Silicon, please consider making monthly donations. We aim to raise 110 USD/month.

Disclaimer: "native support" does not mean that XGBoost would support the Apple Silicon GPU. XGBoost will use the CPU only.


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