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covering costs train-the-actiontrainers

mees engelen

Posted on February 5, 2020


as a collaboration between XRB, APLP and Tractie we are organising a train-the-actiontrainers in FR and ENG, 7-9/02, for reason of group dynamics, we choose to have it a residential setting. XRB was in high demand of this training, as we grow so fast, and we need more trainers, covering NVDATraining in all parts of Belgium, in different languages. 
We asked participants to contribute on a sliding scale. To cover costs of food + location, we need at least 100 euros pp, if then, trainers aren't paid yet. 66% of the trainees are XRB -18 ppl) (it was 80¨% before, but some cancelled). It would be nice if XRB provides some money for the whole of the training, and not per participant, as we asked them already to contribute on a slinding scale (I wasn't aware of the personal training budget/rebel). So my question is, could XRB p. ex. gives some money for the vegan food and cook? lets say, 66% of the global cost of it-Which is about 600 euros? Or is there another proposal? 

thx for thinking about this! 

Xavier Damman

Posted on February 5, 2020

Hi there fellow rebel 👋

We have a dedicated expense policy for trainings:
Outside of that frame, any expense above €500 need be approved by at least 3 of the trustees (beside you) (you will find their contact information here)

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