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Is my contribution secure?
Open Collective doesn't store sensitive payment data (e.g. Credit Card numbers), instead relying on our payment processor, Stripe, a secure solution that is widely adopted. If our systems are compromised, your payment information is not at risk, because we simply don't store it. Learn more.
Does NumFOCUS have a contribution policy?
NumFOCUS gratefully accepts a variety of charitable donations in order to advance and fulfill our mission. Our funders include (but are not limited to) corporate sponsors, foundation partners, and individual donors. Examples of types of donations we accept include (but are not limited to) direct cash contributions, stock transfers, grants, gifts from donor-advised funds, payroll deductions/company match donations through corporate philanthropy programs, and in-kind gifts such as the donation of products or services. NumFOCUS strives to promptly and accurately acknowledge each donation we receive.

NumFOCUS reserves the right to decline to accept a donation from any prospective donor for any reason. This is exceedingly rare and will occur only when NumFOCUS determines that accepting such a donation will violate our commitment to our organization’s mission and values. This determination is made by our organization’s Board of Directors in consultation with our staff leadership. Furthermore, our acceptance of a donation does not imply our endorsement of the opinions, relationships, personal conduct, or business activities of the donor.

As a fiscal sponsor of open source scientific computing projects, NumFOCUS also routinely accepts donations that are restricted, or “designated,” to specific Sponsored Projects. We accept such designated donations with the mutual understanding that the donation has been offered by the donor for the general support of the particular Sponsored Project and not for any purpose which would influence the development of the Project to unduly benefit any individual or enterprise end-user. If a question arises regarding whether or not to accept such a project-designated donation, NumFOCUS staff leadership will consult with the project’s governing members for their advice and guidance. As with unrestricted donations, ultimate determination lies with the NumFOCUS Board of Directors.

We intend for all of our community members and partners to feel both comfortable and appreciated when offering their support. In the event we conclude that we are unable to accept a donation based on the criteria outlined above, NumFOCUS will provide the prospective donor with a thorough and transparent explanation of our decision. We will also work with the prospective donor to explore alternative options or arrangements to accept their support.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions about our Donation Acceptance Policy.

NumFOCUS is a nonprofit organization based in the United States and is recognized as a public charity under IRC Section 501(c)(3). Donations to NumFOCUS are generally tax-deductible as provided by US law. For specific tax-related questions about your donation, please consult your personal tax professional.

What's the difference between an individual and an organization profile?
Organizations represent a company or entity, while individual profiles represent a person. Organization profiles can have multiple team members (individual profiles) who have access to edit it and make financial contributions in its name. If a contribution or expense is for a company, it's important to use an organization profile so the correct billing information shows up on receipts and invoices. Organizations can also issue gift cards.
What information is shared with the Collectives?
When you contribute to a Collective we share your email address with the Administrators. If you wish to keep your contribution private choose the ‘incognito’ profile. Read our privacy policy.
What is an incognito contribution?
Publicly, the contribution amount and date will be visible in the transparent budget, but your identity will be obscured, appearing only as "incognito". The contribution will not be linked to your public profile.