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The Internet generation needs organizations that reflect who we are; where anybody can contribute to a shared mission; where leaders can easily change; and where money flows in full transparency. Create an Open Collective for your community.

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Liberi Oltre

Informarsi, Unirsi, Migliorare l'Italia

25% progress to:

Budget annuale


financial contributors

Madrid Groovy Users Group

Madrid Groovy Users Group

218% progress to:

Soporte económico para el mantenimiento del grupo


financial contributors


Manjaro Linux, a community-focused Linux distribution

No budget goals yet.


financial contributors

BarCamp Events

BarCamp is an unconference. They are events held across the United States that help connect passionate people in their communities.

16% progress to:

BarCamp Omaha Budget


financial contributors

$875 monthly spending

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#ZeroKnowledge; Realtime Collaboration; XWiki Labs; ✊❤

28% progress to:

2 Full-time developers and 1 intern in 2019


financial contributors

55k monthly spending


peer to peer cartography

No budget goals yet.


financial contributors

$45k monthly spending


Babel is the community maintained compiler for evolving the future of JavaScript

No budget goals yet.


financial contributors

$45k monthly spending

Climate Crisis Collective

Bringing the Internet together to raise awareness about the climate emergency

No budget goals yet.


financial contributors

$41k monthly spending

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