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Contribution to Piratpartiet - "Guldpirat"kr 100.00 SEK
Support Open Collectivekr 15.00 SEK

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Is my contribution secure?
Open Collective doesn't store sensitive payment data (e.g. Credit Card numbers), instead relying on our payment processor, Stripe, a secure solution that is widely adopted. If our systems are compromised, your payment information is not at risk, because we simply don't store it. Learn more.
Does Piratpartiet have a contribution policy?
Som ett politiskt parti har vi särskilda transparenskrav utifrån lagen om insyn i finansiering av politiska partier (2018).

Vi får inte ta emot anonyma bidrag över 0,05 gånger årets prisbasbelopp, vilket för 2021 blir 2380 kronor. Om ett sådant bidrag tas emot, ska vi ge tillbaka den del som överskrider 2380 kronor. Är detta inte möjligt betalar vi in det till kammarkollegiet.

För donationer som överskrider 0,5 gånger årets prisbasbelopp, vilket för 2021 blir 23 800 kronor, ska vi redovisa bidragsgivarens identitet till kammarkollegiet. Om enskild person donerar flera gånger över ett år läggs summan ihop.

Observera att du vid donation har möjligheten att låta en del av din donation gå till OpenCollective. Det är pengar som inte går till Piratpartiet, men som går till att stödja plattformen vi använder.
What's the difference between an individual and an organization profile?
Organizations represent a company or entity, while individual profiles represent a person. Organization profiles can have multiple team members (individual profiles) who have access to edit it and make financial contributions in its name. If a contribution or expense is for a company, it's important to use an organization profile so the correct billing information shows up on receipts and invoices. Organizations can also issue gift cards.
What information is shared with the Collectives?
When you contribute to a Collective we share your email address with the Administrators. If you wish to keep your contribution private choose the ‘incognito’ profile. Read our privacy policy.
What is an incognito contribution?
Publicly, the contribution amount and date will be visible in the transparent budget, but your identity will be obscured, appearing only as "incognito". The contribution will not be linked to your public profile.