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Contribution to XRPL Labs: Adopt an XRP Ledger node€20.00 EUR
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Is my contribution secure?
Open Collective doesn't store sensitive payment data (e.g. Credit Card numbers), instead relying on our payment processor, Stripe, a secure solution that is widely adopted. If our systems are compromised, your payment information is not at risk, because we simply don't store it. Learn more.
Does XRPL Labs: Adopt an XRP Ledger node have a contribution policy?
It has become increasingly evident that the XRP Ledger requires more high quality infrastructure. We, at XRPL Labs, have be really touched by the outpouring of support by community members from across the world, and a varying spectrum of interests. We also understand that it's not possible for many to either put in the funds for such high quality infrastructure, or maybe have the necessary technical ability to do it.

After a bit of brainstorming, we came up with a way to include all these wonderful people and give them a way to contribute. XRPL Labs would be honored to run community sponsored infrastructure in a robust and transparent manner. This infrastructure is over and above that provided by other operators including the XRPL Foundation.

Like with any effort like this, there are some rules to be laid out upfront:
  1. We would only be able to accept payments in USD and EUR, as hardware bills are in those. Speculative gains and losses by accepting XRP would make it impossible to budget for things accurately.
  2. Contributors will not get a "share" of the node they have contributed to, and trust XRPL Labs to deploy the node, maintain it and add it to the pool.
  3. There is no premium access to be gained by contributing, just the great feeling of having done something tangible for the progress of the XRP Ledger
  4. These infrastructure nodes ARE NOT validators, so will not vote on network features. Only nodes for ledger querying will be operated through this initiative. These nodes have (unlike validators) no voting rights on the network. As no voting power is gained through this initiative, no voting power comes with your contribution. 
What's the difference between an individual and an organization profile?
Organizations represent a company or entity, while individual profiles represent a person. Organization profiles can have multiple team members (individual profiles) who have access to edit it and make financial contributions in its name. If a contribution or expense is for a company, it's important to use an organization profile so the correct billing information shows up on receipts and invoices. Organizations can also issue gift cards.
What information is shared with the Collectives?
When you contribute to a Collective we share your email address with the Administrators. If you wish to keep your contribution private choose the ‘incognito’ profile. Read our privacy policy.
What is an incognito contribution?
Publicly, the contribution amount and date will be visible in the transparent budget, but your identity will be obscured, appearing only as "incognito". The contribution will not be linked to your public profile.