Here to help citizen initiatives in Brussels be self sustainable

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Here to help citizen initiatives in Brussels be self sustainable

BrusselsTogether is a platform to help citizen initiatives in Brussels be self sustainable.

Each initiative has its own collective that can receive money independently. All the accounting is fully transparent. This helps donors trust the initiatives but it also helps collectives to learn from each other.

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Why do we do what we do?

There are many people who are trying to bring Brussels to the 21st century. People who are trying to redefine mobility, education, environment, art, culture, etc.

Today, communities rely on competitive processes to get funding through subsidies. It's a distraction and it's not sustainable. There's got to be a better way.

That's what we want to explore with #BrusselsTogether. Can we recreate a city from the bottom up, with transparency, inclusiveness, and an experimentation spirit at its core? A city where everyone is invited to contribute? A city where everything is possible.

By contributing to the collectives below, you are helping the development of this new city. A city that invites its citizens to contribute. A city that makes it easy for them to create associations to improve the quality of life for all.

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Member collectives

24 collectives are part of our collective
Vegan Brussels
We organize pop-up vegan dinners and encourage restaurants owners …
Be Coworking
Be Coworking | the Association of Coworking Spaces in Belgium
La Jacqueline Mobile Sound
We bring together music lovers, artists, makers and cyclists in …
WeBrussels brings a new model of democracy to Brussels - making …
You can make a difference to end homelessness
Co-Labs is a non profit association who is working on citizens and …
BrusselsTogether Media
Spread a new message in the (old/new) media about taking action …
Civic Innovation Network
Teaching kids computational thinking is key to avoid a digital fracture …
Womer is a word-of-mouth booster for responsible local shops.
Refugees Got Talent
We offer a space and artistic material to refugees artists, so they …
Reinventing Brussels
Co-creating the City of our Dreams
Brussels International Citizens Alliance
A nonprofit association representing the international community …
# Contribute Please help us pay for the servers (€40/month at the …
Brussels Smart City
Connect people to create value, one project at a time.
HWC Brussels
#### We are a group of individuals that are linked by the desire …
OURB aims to bring citizens, planners, investors and city officials …
BeCentral is a grassroots initiative cofounded by 28 key members …
Zero Waste Cities
we organize ZW City Tours on request in Brussels and other cities …
Share Food
We collect food from grocery stores and supermarkets every day and …


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