We’re hiring!

September 28th 2021. We have an immediate need and are for a looking full stack free lance engineer who’s excited about open source, making communities sustainable, and transparent finances. The mission would be initially on a 3 months contract. This could be later extended based on fit and availability.

First, about us

Open Collective is on a mission to help communities around the world be sustainable. On Open Collective, groups like open source projects, meetups, and movements can collect and spend money transparently, invite collaboration, and make their communities thrive.

Watch this 2 minute explainer video about what we do and why we are passionate about it.

We think you’d be great at this if you:

  • Are comfortable in a remote environment that is at the same time highly collaborative (we apply a seeking feedback process) and autonomous (you can run a feature end to end on your own!)

  • Are based in Europe:

    • to optimize timezone overlaps with the current engineering team (CET)
    • for easy traveling to cities like Paris, Madrid or Berlin (if needed)
  • Have significant experience as a full stack engineer using JavaScript ("senior")

  • Are familiar with the technologies used in our two main projects:

    • our GraphQL API (powered by Node, PostgreSQL and Sequelize)
    • our Web App (powered by Next.js, React and Apollo).
  • You are excited about contributing to our mission!

Like the movements that we support, we value openness and transparency. We strive to create inclusive, respectful and sustainable communities and we're 100% Open Source. If you want to know more about us, you can already join our Slack and check out the Open Collective Way to learn more about how we operate and what we stand for.

We are a fully remote team - with team members in New Zealand (Wellington), Mexico (Guadalajara), India (Mumbai), Brazil (Florianópolis), Canada (Vancouver), Spain (Madrid), Germany (Berlin) and France (Aix-en-Provence).


Please email us about who you are, your experience and skills, and why you’re interested. This can take the form of a traditional CV, your website, a video, or however you like to communicate.

Join our community!

We operate as an open community and everything we do is Open Source. There is always opportunities for volunteer work and also even paid work with our Bounty Program! Feel free to join our community on Slack and GitHub.

Stay updated about our news and progress.