Organizing the internet generation

This is how Open Collective works.

Open Collective site displayed on desktop and mobile devices

Create different tiers.

  • Accept one time or recurring donations.
  • Define different tiers for members or sponsors.
Tier cards

Set up budget goals.

Define goals towards your balance to be able to buy something or organize an event.

Balance Goal:

5,000 USD / month

Annual Balance Goal:

35,000 USD / year

Define goals towards your annual budget to be able to hire someone for your collective.

Manage your expenses online.

  • Allow anyone to file their expenses or invoices online.
  • Let anyone comment on expenses.
  • One click approve/reject expenses.
  • Keep picture of the receipt / invoice private.
Expenses page screenshot

Transparent ledger.

  • All transactions in and out are public.
  • Automatic PDF invoice.
Transactions page screenshot

Open data, open source.

Download transactions screenshot

Manage multiple collectives.

Open Collective makes it easy to host multiple collectives on one single legal entity.

We send you a monthly email report with all transactions per collective aggregated in a CSV and a PDF document with all invoices and expenses that have been paid. This makes the work of your accountant a breeze.

Monthly stats screenshot

And so much more!

Create events form

Create events.

Publish uptes form

Publish updates to keep your backers posted on your progress.

Monthly email report

Monthly reports to backers.

Slack application

Widgets for your website,
  Slack integration.

Join the movement.

Support the new generation of associations.