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FAQ: expense receipts, budget allocation and usage and more
Published on January 12, 2023 by Philippe Ombredanne

Q: Is it possible to get some kind of receipt when contributing money?
A: Yes, please drop a note to [email protected] and I will prepare a receipt.

Q: If the venue is provided at zero cost, then the financial contributions are mainly for the lunch?
A: That's to pay for coffee breaks and stationary such as postit and pens and charts and if possible for the lunch if we have enough contributions.
There are some costs to rearrange the room that we get for free.

Q: What happens with the money that remains? Or is it the case that then there will not be a withdrawal from the bank account or credit card?
I'm fine asking my employer to chip in for me, but then I'd like to know how this works.

A: That will stay there in the open for a future similar event. Or used to pay for drinks afterwards, and worst case support ScanCode and AboutCode projects otherwise.
But this is unlikely, as we will likely not have enough to cover all costs.
The costs for catering for coffee and lunch is likely to come at between $1000 to $1500 for the whole day for about 30 persons. Note that OpenCollective charges your card right away and I do not know if there are ways to reimburse anything. We can advise if the need comes up.