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Open Collective

Peer Support Community

Peer support, exchange best research practices, biweekly expert input

Covering all aspects of Open Science; Research Integrity; Scholarly Reading, Writing & Publishing; [agile] Research Project Management; and Career Development


Join our community to receive peer support and exchange best research practices across disciplines along with biweekly expert input on agile research project management; open scholarly reading, writing & publishing; career development guidance, and anything Open Science practices.

Your contribution
We leave it up to you what amount to chose, depending on your current capabilities to invest in yourself and your research career development and how you perceive the value of this programme, based on your personal experience level. 
  • Regular contribution: € 79.- per month*
  • Reduced contribution: € 42.- per month*
  • Scholarship inquiries: email us at [email protected] 

* You can cancel the subscription at any time on a monthly basis for future payments.

By joining our community you will receive and gain

  • access to our membership area (Moodle) with selected task and info sheets, training materials, recordings of live sessions
  • biweekly Q&A with our trainers and experts
  • access to our exclusive discussion forum (Discourse)
  •  weekly accountability sheets, tips & tricks by e-mail
  • access to our community Facebook group
  • access to our public live events and training sessions (free of charge)


[agile] Research Project Management
  • Design Thinking, Agile & Lean methods in Research 
  • Digital Open Science Tools 
  • Research Data Management 
  • FAIR & CARE Principles

Scientific Reading, Writing & Publishing
  • Strategic and efficient reading
  • Scholarly Writing strategies, style & structure
  • Scholarly publishing: affordable and Open Access

Research Integrity
  • Good Scientific Practices 
  • Responsible Research and Integration 
  • Epistemology 
  • Ethics in Science 
  • Research Animal Welfare 
  • Sustainable Research 
  • Open Science Principles 
  • CARE Principles (#beFAIRandCARE)

Career Development
  • Reputation Building as an expert in your research field - online and offline
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Intercultural Competences
  • Multilingualism in the research workflow
  • Science COmmunication to various stakeholders

Open Science
  • Open Access 
  • Open Data  
  • Open Peer Review 
  • Open Source Hardware, Software & Code 
  • Knowledge Transfer