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An e-book for cycle breakers.

Uncover your love story and understand your past, present, and future relationships!

Sara Hefty works in communications with growing specialties in being a happy person, feelings literacy, and transforming anger, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and negativity into energy that serves the highest good of all – whatever that may be. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the
University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire and has certifications in transformational coaching, holistic health coaching, and cancer support education. She currently studies psychology at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. 

Linkedin: /in/sarahefty
Instagram: /sarahefty/

Get the Spark!  e-book for FREE throughout January 2023.

This PDF e-book walks you through, step-by-step, in uncovering your own love story
  • Worksheets help you understand your past, present, and future relationships and how to transform them, if you wish
  • Bonus: A video accompaniment adds richness and depth to your Spark! experience
  • Bonus: Free Q&A call to support your journey

Inside this ebook, you'll learn...
  • What makes your love story: the exact building blocks of your unique love story, how to specifically revisit your childhood memories and see how your love story was created!
  • How to uncover your own love story: revisiting memories of your childhood, how to write out your love story, and how to understand your past, present, and future relationships!
  • How to gently transform your love story: how to dismantle familiar negatives that are not love and how to blend your personal energy with the transformational steps of love that most resonate with you.
  • How to find clarity to your complexities by having questions answered during a free Being a Happy Person Q&A call.

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In a recent conversation, Sara shared with Jo how she committed herself to be a happy person and the journey that this led her onto.

Listen to the full podcast episode with Sara at 


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