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Grant #155545 to Accountable Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect Grant

Grant #155545

Submitted by Robert

Aug 13, 2023

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I'm not sure if Pitch Perfect is still going, but there is a balance on the collective so hopefully it is 🤞
Downham Solidarity Fund provides small 'emergency' grants directly to people in financial hardship in Downham Market (PE389 postcode area). Grants are upto £50 and are available once per month per person. We ask for proof of address to ensure that people accessing the fund are within the correct area. We launched publicly in July this year and we have given out four grants so far, totalling £165. The money from this came from our own fundraising activity. We know these grants have supported people with traveling for work, and buying groceries and cleaning supplies. 
We are asking for £100 which would be enough to cover at least two grants directly to people in financial need. At time of writing, our balance is at £18 and with the grants we have given out so far we feel we're only scratching the surface of the need for financial support in the community, so the assistance from Pitch Perfect would do great work in our community. 
Thank you for your consideration. 
Robert and George ~ Downham Solidarity Fund 

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