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a network of coops delivering liberation tech to the masses through art, culture, and basic services.


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we're a black-founded interdisciplinary worker cooperative network of artists, technologists, researchers and organizers. we deliver the liberating potential of technologies such as distributed ledgers and artificial intelligence to the masses through art, culture, service, and social justice. 

our members are associated with institutions as caltech, uchicago, duke, berkeley, usc, ucla, bird rides, microsoft, columbia records, mad decent records, complex magazine, blackrock, ontraport, red table talks, and the los angeles department of water and power. 


as our core operations, we:

  • work and partner with with existing open-source and community-centric alternatives to the legacy platforms. For example, our musical artists distribute their catalogs through decentralized, artist-owned streaming services like Resonate and Audius

  • in working with these alternative services, familiarize them to our networks, followings and communities while identifying their possible points of improvement. we further message the benefits of these alternatives to audiences via direct engagements, eg live demos, TED-style lecture / story series / podcasts, workshops, live performance events, etc

  • develop programs to address these points of improvement, which bring more contributors and communities to join them, driving a virtuous cycle of adoption. when systems lack specific functions creators need, deliver the technical and product contributions needed to make those functions available; when existing systems don’t meet a need at all, build our own

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our two main such programs currently underway are aeria and e-state.

aeria is a novel open-source standard for content analytics and insight based on immersive, dynamic, interactive spatial visualization of music and artist data. By basing the experience around data visualization rather than black box recommendations, we make data insights accessible to everyone, putting the power of machine knowledge in the hands of every artist and empowering them to find the opportunities and connections they need to succeed.

most recently, we’ve secured a grant from upstart decentralized music streaming service Audius to add automatic tempo and key detection to their protocol. the data we acquire from them will feed our own standalone services. we've also formed a relationship with the community-owned streaming cooperative Resonate, toward partnering to create a human-led, visualized AI-augmented guided discovery experience for music browsing and listening. 

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e-state is a truth-incentivized, crowdsourced protocol for real estate information, investment, and governance. what will start as a decentralized yelp for living spaces and landlords, we will leverage into a consensus-based mechanism for disenfranchised communities to invest and own equity in their own neighborhoods.

e-state will establish transparency and freedom of information in housing, opening the door to revolutionary new relationships between communities and real estate. at the heart of these new relationships will lie a part of the protocol that issues an indivisible, or non-fungible, token against each property logged onto the network. These programmable tokens will enable frictionless, disintermediated, exotic real estate transactions at global scale, with applications to “smart” homes and more. They will eventually free long-term residents to buy fractional equity in their own neighborhoods at no minimum investment.

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Basak Topal

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