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How can we best help you during the lockdown?

Xavier Damman

Posted on March 19, 2020

We would love to hear from you. How can we best help you during the lockdown? We believe it is important for movements for the climate to stay connected so that we can be ready when the time will come to rebuild our world in a sustainable way.

We are expending the scope of this fund to also cover Zoom subscriptions so that you can have regular online calls of more than 40mn. What else would be helpful for you? Maybe there are other tools? Maybe you need trainings or digital facilitators? Other ideas?

Tell us what you need and we will see how we can accommodate. Our only constrain is that this fund can only be used to help grassroots groups for the climate emergency in the UK. We also want to make sure that as many groups as possible can benefit from it and that the process to apply and to report on how the funds are used is as simple as possible. Activists should be doing activism, not paperwork (hence the idea of asking for a social media post as a social proof).

Stay home and stay safe.

Ali Berry

Posted on April 27, 2020

Hi from tree protectors at Harefield and Denham Nature Reserve and Woods, Cubbington Crackley Woods, Great Missenden Woods and other active local camps along HS2 route. On Sunday we 'lost' more protectors thanks to NET including a non-resisting 19yr old 30ft up an oak who was strangleheld till he passed out. At that camp we had a legal recorder. Similar is happening all the time at other camps where we dont have any video facility even on a phone. Please can we request a few camcorders or phones that have filming capabilities? They dont need to be new. Also solar chargers and battery packs. Thank you ! X

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