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Linking external donations to OpenCollective

Rosie Dime

Posted on April 28, 2020

I was wondering if it is possible to connect the donation button on our website (using Donorbox) to go through Open Collective (with you as our fiscal sponsor)? 

Would it also be possible to have 3 different transaction sources linked to the same account, each with their own reference tag? 


Leen Schelfhout

Posted on May 1, 2020

The best way would be to create your own button and either link to the general donate page: or to a donation page where the amount is set (e.g. you could have a "donate €20" button that would link to or a "donate €10/month" that would link to

Another way is to create dedicated tiers (see and either copy paste the url after clicking on contribute on that tier from your collective page, or the copy paste the url of the page dedicated for that tier (when you edit the tier you can specify to have a dedicated page for it), see for example:

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