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Need money to audit a climate smart contract


Posted on March 31, 2022

I have created a contract for carbon accounting with anti-theft. Without this technology all carbon credits will be stolen, because it is a multi-trillion business.
I need money (probably about $2000-3000) for smart contract audit (paid checking for errors). Where can I ask for money? I am a novice at this site, I don't know where to ask.
For contract to be usable yet it's needed to create a DAO (that is, a voting engine). The "best" way to do this is to use DAOstack on xDai blockchain; but I worry: the xDai chain is too easily switchable for Ethereum chain and Ethereum isn't energy efficient (however hopefully soon will become energy-efficient), so I am afraid that carbon accounting on xDai may provoke more people to use Ethereum and we use more carbon that we save through my accounting system. What do you think?

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