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🚨 General Assembly next week + 💰 new opportunities to raise funds for your collective with Gitcoin Climate GR13 and Patreon
Published on February 15, 2022 by Leen Schelfhout

February 2022

In this newsletter:
  • New funding opportunity for your collective with Gitcoin and Patreon
  • Next General Assembly Monday February 21th 7pm CET(RSVP here to get zoomlink)
Imagine your city in a solarpunk future, Cologne, Germany, Artwork by Alex Rommel 

New Gitcoin Climate Round (G13) - Let us help you raise money

On March 9th and till March 27th, we are doing another round of funding for climate projects. Mission of this round is to truly travel around the globe, reaching as many climate and social justice projects as we can.  

🎯 The goal of these rounds of fundraising is funding projects and local initiatives without having to go through old bureaucracy-heavy institutions and accelerate the system change needed to prevent further climate change.
Last round (in December), we raised a total of $700k across 29 different projects (see results).

🗓 Deadline to apply: Sunday March 6th midnight 
Read more here on how to apply, the requirements and FAQs or join the office hours in the or

Using Patreon to raise funds for your collective 

Do you love the magic of fiscal hosting that Open Collective provides for your creative/activist initiative to manage your finances with ease and transparency, but feel like you’re missing out on the massive outreach and integrations with other tools (like discord) that Patreon offers? Well, you can combine the two and get the best of both worlds! 

In this document of one our collectives Future Diaries, Antonis explains how to get started with this. The page will soon be added to the

General Assembly: Monday February 21th 7pm CET

Our last general assembly, December 2nd, we spent a full session on our transition to becoming a DAO: a decentralised autonomous organisation. With this move we fully embrace the mission of All for Climate: becoming a climate movement of the 21st century or a fully decentralised global network of local citizens acting on the ground. For this we embrace technology: to share expertise, enable working with a fully transparent participatory budget and cut down unnecessary administrative work. But we also fully embrace that only locals that are fully connected to their own reality, know what needs to happen to regenerate the place where they live and transform it to a sustainable way of living. 
We need all climate and social justice activists out there to help us build this movement. #weareallforclimate

Topics to discuss in the next general assembly (feel free to suggest other agenda items):

1. Gitcoin Climate Round: We will also discuss the Gitcoin Climate round, all questions about this round welcome in the general assembl

2. What should be the All for Climate Guarantee towards donors?
Transparency is one of our core values. Whenever a donor (individual, foundation, public or private institution) gives to a collective hosted on All for Climate, we guarantee them, via the platform we use, a high level of transparency and reporting. We feel this needs to be more explicit in our communication towards collectives and funders to help everyone receive more funding. How can we improve the commitment to meet those expectations? Brainstorm and open discussion.

3. What should happen when a collective becomes inactive?
Collectives are fluid organizations. People come and go. Quite a few collectives hibernate and wake up in Spring, other times they simply wind down and their members start creating or joining new collectives. That’s all good and very healthy. But what do we do when there is still a balance in the collective? Brainstorm and open discussion.

Please RSVP to get the Zoom link for the general assembly and community sync call
This meeting will be recorded. Feel free to turn off your video / use a pseudonym if privacy is a concern to you. Meeting notes will be recorded here All For Climate General Assembly
Join us in the or reach out.
Never hesitate to send us any news about what is happening out there!

with love and care 👇🏾