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Newsletter: Regens Unite! Join us in Brussels May 19-20, receive AFC tokens for your contributions to the #allforclimate network, and more!
Published on April 30, 2022 by Xavier Damman

Gm fellow climate activists, active citizens, regens rooted locally, connected globally! 👋

In this newsletter we give you a quick update about what is happening in the community.
  • Let’s meet at Regens Unite Brussels May 19-20 (spots limited, apply to join asap!)
  • Introducing the AFC token, a token to manage together our common infrastructure for all climate activists
  • Raise funds with Gitcoin Climate Round GR14 June 8-23
  • Artists for Climate needs you!
  • New Climate Chain issue
  • Web3 hackathons
“Imagine if our neighborhoods were full of nature, bridges, people and relationships” (tweet). Winning art piece from the solarpunk NFT contest (opensea)

Regens Unite 🌱🔅

Whether you are an active citizen, a climate justice activist, working for a NGO or part of a web3 community (DAO), we all share the same goals: building a regenerative future.

Sadly, we don’t often have the opportunity to meet each other. It’s easy to get caught up in our own bubble and we only get to know about others through (social) media, which is quite a distorted view of reality.

That’s why we are organizing “Regens Unite”. Let’s all get in a room, build relationships, learn from each other and unite! 🔅🌻

No powerpoint, just conversations with facilitators. Because of that, we have to limit this event to max 100 people. We ask you to apply on so we can ensure a diversity of perspectives.

There is a travel fund to come to Brussels by train 🚅 or bus 🚌 and we are trying to get extra funds for people that can’t afford to take time off to join us (if you can help us raise more funds, please reach out!).

All for Climate token is here 🥳

All for Climate is all of us and everyone is invited to contribute to build this learning and support network for all activists together. To reflect that, we are issuing what we call a governance token.

Everyone contributing directly to the All for Climate DAO or via the Open Collective platform will receive tokens and will have governance rights in the community. Every time you submit, approve an expense, publish an update to your collective, you will receive tokens. Backers (donors) will also receive tokens. You can claim your tokens using this form.

You can also earn tokens by contributing directly to the DAO by organizing trainings for activists, writing newsletters, create artwork, host a book club, etc.

As more and more activists receive those tokens, governance will become more and more decentralized.

Join one of our community calls on Discord ( to learn more.
For more details, you can also check the proposal.

Raise funds with Gitcoin Climate Round GR14 in June 💰

Next GR14 will happen June 8-23. If you are interested in joining this fundraising round, reach out to us on discord ( so we can help you onboard. 

Artists for Climate needs you! 🎨

The Artist for Climate Working Group is looking for artists who focus on climate change to talk about new narratives and their artwork in a twitter space. Reach out in the #artists-for-climate channel in Discord (

Climate Chain 🔗

Thoralf has published a new issue of the Climate Chain newsletter in which he is going through the pros and cons of using Bitcoin mining to balance the electricity grid when the demand doesn’t match the production when we use renewable energy sources. A balanced view to put things in perspective:

Web3 hackathons 👩🏾‍💻

There are many hackathons happening in the world of web3. Regens from the All for Climate DAO participated in two of them lately:

And that’s a wrap! 🌯
Looking forward to seeing some of you in Brussels for the Regens Unite event and/or in one of our community calls (every other Monday 7pm CET, next one Monday May 2nd) in our Discord.