We accidentialy hit the HN frontpage... 😉
Published on September 1, 2020 by Matthias Endler

Sooo... launch day was kind of a big thing recently.

HackerNews had quite some impact, we guess: 1st position, 175 upvotes, 57 comments. Turns out people really like static analysis. Guess that's a great market validation.

Of course, we're now back to the slow grind to improve our SEO rankings, where incremental wins are more important

than buzz for steady growth:

That said, Google is slowly but surely ramping up their organic traffic.

We expect that this trend will continue as the site gets more backlinks from the community.

It's nice that people already share the website unsolicited on Twitter:

Needless to say we're quite happy with our current position. It's a good starting point for healthy, organic growth.