We officially launched!
Published on August 20, 2020 by Matthias Endler

Wow, that feels surreal, but we made it! analysis-tools.dev is officially live! (I mean technically we were live before, but it's a different feeling when you announce the project on Twitter and all social platforms, heh.)

We wrote a first blog post where we explain why we believe in sponsorship and don't show ads on the page: https://analysis-tools.dev/blog/static-analysis-is-broken-lets-fix-it

Over on HackerNews, we hit the frontpage and got a ton of great feedback: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24221708#24223147

On Twitter, people were quite open for our little website: https://twitter.com/matthiasendler/status/1296162427797671936

Overall, we got quite a bit of buzz around Analysis Tools. We're very happy with the launch. Of course there are tons of missing features and optimizations to make, but we're on our way.

Thanks to DeepCode for believing in our mission and generously supporting us. Because of them we can keep the site free from ads and tracks for everyone. If your company also wants to support us, please get in contact or pick a tier directly.