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Thanks! Google Summer of Code moving along
Published on August 5, 2021 by Mike Hardy

Just a quick message of continued thanks. Our process is to aim at distributing 10% of whatever the balance here is, every month. The idea is that will let us slowly, sustainably ratchet up or down the payment flow to contributors so that we have reliable, stable messaging about what we can offer to developers.

This month, you (yes you!) funded 181 hours of AnkiDroid development. You (yes you!) have helped support a crew of around 10 different people doing real work on the app you love.

For 2.16 we have:

- a really cool new user onboarding experience so when you tell your friends about AnkiDroid and they try it, they don't think you are crazy for liking it ;-)
- a new storage system so we can get rid of the "let us read and write all your files" permission
- a lot of under-the-covers work to support the new V3 scheduler (did you know there was a V3 scheduler? It's a thing)
- lots and lots and lots of usability improvements and bug fixes

Thanks again. The crew here is working really hard because we enjoy it, we love AnkiDroid, and it feels good to feel appreciated by all the contributors.

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Jacopo Farina

Posted on August 6, 2021

Cool! Thanks for the update, much appreciated 
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