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v2.16 rolls out! v3 scheduler available! No more "all storage access" and more
Published on August 4, 2023 by Mike Hardy

Hey everyone! We have the biggest news for AnkiDroid in the last 3 years

AnkiDroid 2.16 is out! Finally!

This release is an incredibly big deal - the amount of effort that went in to it is mind-blowing, and I want to personally give you a thanks, as the contributions from all the supporters here have been steadily disbursed to the developers working away on the app.

We really appreciate your patience, and we think you'll love all the updates.

Some of the comments I have been hearing include

- "it looks more like a modern Android app!"
- "thank you so much for the v3 scheduler support!" (look in advanced preferences for that one...)
- "yay! it has the heatmap!" (same advanced preferences area as v3 scheduler)
- "finally no more 'all storage permission' required" (this is why it took so long, in fact!)

There is more information in the changelog if you are interested.

The release is rolling out now and if you do not have it yet, you should receive the update in the next couple days.

Enjoy, and thank you!
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Posted on August 5, 2023

Thank You for these offers to provide us with more accessible learning methods. 

Douglas Pitta de Souza

Posted on August 7, 2023

The app keeps getting better, good job guys!!