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Apple M1 build server


The current builds (IfcConvert, python module, ...) aren't compatible with Apple's M1 chip. This project gathers funds for a dedicated M1 build server (70usd/m)


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This project specifically gathers funds for a dedicated Apple M1 build server so that Apple M1 users can benefit from an easy installation procedure of great tools like IfcConvert and BlenderBIM.

Part of the OpenSourceBIM collective

 OpenSourceBIM helps finance the development and promotion of Open Source software for BIM. Software we are helping develop include:
  • IfcOpenShell, a C++ and Python IFC developer library for developing cross-platform OpenBIM apps
  • BlenderBIM Add-on, a Blender extension to natively author IFC models
  • IfcConvert, a CLI utility to convert from IFC to glTF, XML, SVG, OBJ, DAE, and more.
  • IfcCSV, a CLI utility and library to manage IFC data using spreadsheets
  • IfcDiff, a CLI utility and library to do deep semantic comparisons of IFC models
  • IfcClash, a CLI utility and library for IFC clash detection
  • BCF, a Python developer library for the BIM Collaboration Format
  • bSDD, a Python developer library for the buildingSMART Data Dictionary API
  • ... and more than 10 other developer libraries and CLI apps
Our work has also contributed to a number of academic publications and research projects for OpenBIM analysis, including voxel analysis, drawing generation, and BMS data. Our software is also being taught at a number of academic institutions including the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, MSc-education of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Construction & Robotics tracks at RWTH Aachen University and TU Eindhoven, and the Zigurat Global Institute for Technology.

Our software also helps power others in the industry, and other free software, such as FreeCAD's BIM Workbench.


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We need 70$ per month! If only 14 people gave us 5$ per month, we'd get there!

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Apple M1 build server is all of us

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Together, we can make a dif...

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Together, we can make a dif...

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