Arthurs Hill Mutual Aid update + West end food plans!
Published on October 15, 2020 by Arthur's Hill Mutual Aid

Even though we're facing really difficult times, it's great to see everyone continuing to work together to help each other out in our community - thanks everyone for your help! 

Solidarity grants

In the past week we've been able to pay off lots of solidarity grants which has been brilliant! 122 £30 grants have now been paid + there's around £350 coming in monthly!! We've had some new applicants recently that haven't applied before as people move into the area, hear about the fund + have changes in circumstances. Keep spreading the word + encouraging donations - 

Food sharing + shopping for self-isolators

Lots of different people are continuing to put food into the phoneboxes + we're still getting donations from people growing fruit + veg in allotments. As more people in the city get to know about us we're also seeing some new waste food donations - keep telling people + organisations to consider donating food to us!  

More people are getting in touch needing to self-isolate - if you can help out with the occasional food shop or delivery, either walking or on a bike or car if you have one, let us know! You can also join our whatsapp where we post requests - just email for the link - [email protected] 

Long term West end food plans 

We had another meeting on Tuesday + had a great discussion about the kinds of things that are important in setting up a food project that means everyone can get the food they want + need. Read notes from the meeting here - 

Everyone welcome to our next meeting - Tues 19th October, 5.30 -

Swapping + sharing items

People are continuing to swap + share items that they no longer need, including to help people + families moving into the area who need help setting up home. If you have items to share you can post them on our facebook group ( or in our whatsapp or email us photos to share if you'd prefer! 

Any questions, comments, suggestions please get in touch as usual - [email protected] or 0191 6911 363.

In solidarity,

Arthurs Hill Mutual Aid