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Mutual Aid Summer Fun Day!
Published on August 25, 2020 by Arthur's Hill Mutual Aid

We had a great day on Saturday at our joint event with Elswick Mutual Aid! Thanks to everyone who got involved and to the Star and Shadow for awarding us a grant which helped pay for the event : )

There was free picnic food cooked by over 15 different families and individuals! Dishes included Egyptian chicken, South African Vetkoek, a Pakistani rose and milk drink, meat, vegan and vegetarian quiches and pies, Turkish savoury sesame biscuits and lentil balls, homemade pizza, garlic bread, loads of different filled rolls and heaps of brownies, flapjacks, cookies and banana bread.

We also gave out boxes of store cupboard ingredients donated by Feeding Families and vegetarian bean stew donated by the Star and Shadow Cinema Cafe.

There was loads of sports equipment to play with and take home, including cricket, football, badminton, rugby and basketball! Art activities were taking place all afternoon with people making plasticine models and drawings and taking home arts resources to keep the creativity going at home. There was also a workshop where people learnt how to make and play their own musical instrument!

We had an information stall so everyone who attended could find out all about what we've been doing and there was a very popular eviction resistance workshop from Acorn Newcastle to help people get better informed on how we can work together to ensure renters' rights are upheld. There was also a stall providing people with information about urban trees and people got to take away their very own bonsai tree to care for at home!