West end mutual aid update 🥬🍞🍎🍠🍔
Published on January 21, 2021 by Arthur's Hill Mutual Aid

Last week Arthurs Hill + Elswick Mutual Aid delivered parcels to more group members than on any other week - we also had new people involved in organising and are set up with a new system to reduce risk of spreading covid. Things are changing a bit from this week with the bulk of the packing and deliveries going out across the West end on a Saturday. If this means you're now able to help out, please get in touch!

We've now redistributed over 40 laptops/tablets/desktops + have also managed to give out a couple of phones to group members this week too. If you'd like to help fix up old laptops so that we can get them out faster, please get in touch! We're also still in need of more laptops + phones so we can try + get one to everyone who needs one in our community. If you know anyone who might have spare, please ask them to contact us!

Food's continuing to go out into our community larders everyday. Everyone can drop food in + take food out so check out the larders as you're walking around Arthurs Hill + Elswick + contribute if you can.

The solidarity fund has not yet reopened but we're hoping to be able to open it at the start of next month. Currently we have around £400 in regular monthly donations. To keep up with requests, we need to aim for more regular donations. These start at £3 per month so chip in if you're able to donate regularly + you've not yet set this up + please spread the word!

In solidarity,

Arthurs Hill Mutual Aid

[email protected]