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Traditional medicine in combating public health issues: A study on physical and mental health in Long-COVID struck population

Grant #203239

Submitted by Mihieka Bose

May 19, 2024

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I am a researcher currently investigating in the field of traditional medicine. Human population is inclining greatly towards a sedentary lifestyle and most of the people are being compelled to lead such life due to their occupational hazards, like IT sector workers, computational engineers etc. Nonetheless, in the post-covid era, human population is also facing the brunt of long-covid symptoms. In a situation with post-covid complications as well as a lifestyle without necessary physical activity to combat health issues, humans are being subjected to compromised quality of health, which also contributes to deterioration of the mental health. Traditional medicines like locally available medicinal plants are a great source of health benefits along with their low-to-no side effects, which have been widely used in indigenous communities worldwide. My project aims to develop a measure for combating with health issues using traditional medications to ensure betterment in both physical and mental health. However, this project requires necessary fundings for running some tests regarding the efficacy of medicine in a big population to validate the measure. Expenses include travel for surveys.    
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