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Open Collective
2023 Annual Update
Published on December 22, 2023 by Francisco Dominguez

In 2023 ATX Mental Health Fund is proudest to have been selected for the United Way for Greater Austin’s Community Investment Grant opportunity in Williamson County -- for a grant totaling $15,000.00 to advance WilCo Health goals, in particular supporting folks’ access to needed mental health services.

One challenge we faced this year as a Collective was applying for government grants, both federal and local. Their processes are more rigorous and time-intensive than other types of grants, but we learned how to better navigate different portal systems as well as prepare materials to apply to several simultaneously. We were able to quintuple our largest award from last year’s Austin Community Foundation grant, to the one mentioned above! Partly because we received more than a few rejections along the way :)

In 2024 ATX Mental Health Fund hopes to become more financially sustainable in order to be a source of continued support for anyone in the Greater Austin area seeking direct cash assistance for mental health services. We will accomplish this through the two quarterly installments of United Way’s Community Investment Grant remaining. Meanwhile, we’re aiming to start 2024 off strong by applying for the Reliable Flexible Funding for Mental Health and Well-Being grant initiative from the Hogg Foundation at University of Texas at Austin, which will allow us to grow at a similar rate as the year now coming to a close. 

Thanks to everyone who has helped make this Collective possible!
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