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The BAP Solidarity Network was created as a mechanism to demonstrate solidarity with members of the Black Alliance for Peace.


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Solidarity Network members,
We come to you with the first request to support the Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) with a campaign to raise money to continue our work.
BAP launched April 4, 2017, to build on the anti-war and anti-imperialist tradition of the Black Liberation Movement, and to equip us to fight domestic repression while the United States wages international wars.
The Black Alliance for Peace Solidarity Network was created for non-Africans to demonstrate solidarity and allyship with our African/Black comrades in the Black Alliance for Peace. We are dedicated to building on the anti-colonial and anti-imperialist Black Radical Peace Tradition that BAP seeks to continue to develop.
The Solidarity Network established the Afghanistan Committee months before the destruction initiated by the United States’ abrupt and chaotic exit of Afghanistan and has continued to follow the events as the mainstream news has gone silent. The Solidarity Network has developed regional branches (mirroring the regional branches of BAP) across the United States for members to connect on a local level and develop events for their region that cover international and domestic topics, such as the war in Ukraine.
All of BAP’s work is funded by the people. BAP entirely relies on donations from the community, as well as the diligent donation of time of our members and BAP Solidarity Network members like yourselves.
We continue to contribute to the Black Alliance for Peace, which is trailblazing efforts to unite anti-imperialist organizations around the world, being a leading voice in the fight against the settler-colonial imperialist tyranny of the so-called United States. BAP continues to raise awareness on the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) through the U.S. Out of Africa campaign. Meanwhile, the Haiti/Americas Team has expanded, having held events covering topics as wide as the true political nature of Moïses’ assassination, the United Nations’ destructive occupation of Haiti and attending the celebration of the Nicaraguan revolution as dignified guests.
We are in tumultuous times. We are experiencing a multipolarity in global politics that threatens to topple the U.S. house of cards to the ground. We must take advantage of this moment and build with anti-imperialists of the world. We are committed to fighting the domestic repression that will no doubt increase as the United States feels its grip on power loosen. We want peace for all humanity, but we understand that real peace requires struggle. 
Our goal is to raise $10,000 by October 15. The fundraised resources will be used to 1) support our developing campaign to make the Americas a Zone of Peace, 2) convene BAP’s in-person membership meeting in October to solidify BAP’s strategic direction for the next three years, and 3) help support at least one full-time staff person for BAP.
Please help us reach this goal by forwarding this message to activists and other people in your lives, whom you believe would be willing to contribute to BAP. 
Help us reach our goal, so we can wage the struggle for collective human rights!
In solidarity,
Fundraising Committee
Black Alliance for Peace Solidarity Network

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