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Support projects & communities

Join these great founders and sponsors supporting Collectives.Join these great founders and sponsors and support amazing initiatives. Transparent contributions and all the tools you need to get rid of the paperwork. All in one place.

Support communities and help them grow.

The Open Collective platform enables fiscal sponsor entities to host unincorporated groups, giving them a legal structure you can engage with.


You can directly see the impact of your contributions, in real time, because Collective budgets are transparent

Transaction Screenshot
Transaction Screenshot
Transaction Screenshot
Invoices and Receipts illustration

Invoices & Receipts

Giving money to unincorporated communities, movements, and projects can be an accounting nightmare. Open Collective solves that problem with documentation for each transaction.

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We’ll take care of the paperwork

The Fiscal Host of the Collective you want to support is an established legal entity who can engage with your vendor systems and purchase order processes, and meet documentation requirements like tax forms and signing agreements.

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In addition to monthly reports, Collectives can post regular updates about their progress and the impact your support is having, plus you can peek at their budget any time—it’s like reporting that writes itself!

Plus, get a consolidated monthly invoice for all your contributions on the platform—your accountant will thank you!

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More features

Discover the possibilities of our features.

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Bulk Payments

Instead of paying by credit card to each Collective, you can send a single payment to the Fiscal Host for credit to your Organization on the platform. Then you can use this balance to fund as many Collectives as you wish.

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Discover your Open Source dependencies and support them.Learn more

Sustainers kit:

We know making the case up the chain is not always easy. For all you heroes inside companies, we put together some resources to help you succeed.

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Give the gift of giving

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Create gift cards—for employees, clients, recruitment candidates, event attendees—so your community can be empowered to support the Collectives they care about, with your Organization as the recognized funder.

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