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About your application to XMPP Standards Foundation

Matthew Wild

Posted on October 26, 2021

Hi! Thanks for your application, and thanks for your patience. The XSF board members (including myself) have reviewed it, and there is a general willingness to accept your application. However your project is somewhat unusual in that it is not yet an established project, and has no open-source code or established team. Some further details about the project would be very helpful. For example: - Do you have documentation, project plan or scope document for the proposed implementation? - What are your plans for fundraising? - Who will be responsible for managing the project funds, and determining when and where payments should go? - Did the xmpp.js team give any reasons for not wanting this project to be within xmpp.js itself? Many thanks for any insights you can provide!

Nkwuda Sunday Cletus

Posted on October 26, 2021

Thanks for your kind response :)
We don't have the project yet, but we can create it as soon as possible, so in about 2-3 days from now we can have some initial source code that clearly defines the direction of the project. Our team is virtually everyone in the project matrix channel ( ).
The delay was due to the fact we had been contemplating whether to build a standalone plugin or embody it in XMPP.js . Also as Pirate ‍ Praveen said in matrix chat, we thought of soughting out fundraising challenges before the technical aspects as we plan a lengthy fulltime commitment on the project.

XMPP.js author said he wasn't sure it was best to have this within XMPP.js, he suggested we build it as a seperate project, and he indicated interest to mentor the project despite his limited avialability at the moment ( ). We hope that in the long run the project will be adopted and maintained by the xmppjs team and us.

As for fundraising plans, everyone in the project matrix group ( ) are part of the people willing to fund the project. The project will be managed by Pirate ‍ Praveen  and others in the project matrix channel, who will determine how funds are utilized
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Nkwuda Sunday Cletus

Posted on October 28, 2021

Hi Matthew!

I have created a gitlab project for our proposal and here is the url:
Currently,  it just includes a minimal version of the documentation in the README. md, which we will be updating and developing as the code evolves. So in the next couple of days, there will be some code and more meaninful content in the documentation.


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