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Getting Involved

Angel York

Posted on March 23, 2022

Someone emailed to ask about getting their community bike shop involved in Bike!Bike! and eventually potentially hosting a regional or even main Bike!Bike!.  Here's the email we sent in response:
  • There's Bike!Bike! the in-person conference which is next happening in Mexico City.  The only contact information we have for them is [email protected] and I would recommend emailing them in Spanish and seeing if they need anything. The next main conference is always voted on at the end of the previous conference.  
  • There's Bike!Bike! Everywhere, which is an online conference that happened last year.  It will happen again this year or next.  If you'd like, I can add you to the listserve for B!B!E! organizing volunteers.  Just let me know.
  • Regional conferences happen whenever someone in a region decides to throw one!  And/or are decided regionally.  I don't know what the history of regional B!B!s is in your region, but if you decide to host one, we can set you up with admin access to a page for it.   

    You can take a look at to see what's happened in the past.  (Big and regional.  Not all past conferences are listed.) 

    Ways to reach out to people in your region include the ThinkTank listserv ( ), social media (good luck, I have no idea), and doing a search for community bike orgs in various cities and towns in your region and updating the page on the wiki at or letting me know so I can, and then dropping an email or a postcard or a phone call or something.

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