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tech update

Angel York

Posted on July 21, 2022

Here is an email Darin just sent to Jonathan and Godwin (I have added bold for skimming) - 

Got it working!  I had to use Monkey Patching, which is only marginally less janky than it sounds, but all registration steps that are irrelevant to B!B!E! have been removed from conferences that occur at the "south pole", and the donation form is inserted at the end. 

Godwin & Jonathan - Thank you both so much!  I am very grateful for your time, expertise, and patience in working through this.  There's no way I would have figured all this out without the two of you, and I think it will be a huge improvement in the registration experience for B!B!E!.  

Ok, now I'm going to go eat something before the planning/launch meeting.  (-:
Darin has been working on this nonstop for days. Jonathan and Godwin have put in hours of support.  There have been 4 meetings in 5 days, including two long ones that happened at midnight Eastern time.

What does it all mean?  Why all this effort?  Now, when we launch Bike!Bike! Everywhere! 2022's registration, people won't have to answer questions like "do you need to borrow a bike?  do you need a place to sleep while you're here? are you vegan or vegetarian?"  They can just answer the relevant questions and at the end there will be an option to donate.   It seems so simple.

Does this sound like FUN?  JOIN US
and I swear I'll try not to realize we need an iframe in the ancient custom rails code at the last minute again.  It'll be something new! 

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