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Open Collective
Stopping Contributions
Published on February 15, 2022 by Sabrina Ward

We've taken a decision to stop taking contributions at the current time.

The reason is simple: we're collecting funds far more than we're able to spend. As the BioJulia project has progressed over time, we've found that our operations actually run just fine on a lot of the free tiers of GitHub, CI etc, and so we don't see much point in collecting contributions when our costs, as a volunteer-led, open-source project are minimal.  

In the meantime, we're going to figure out what to do with the extant funds.
There are two possible courses of action we have discussed:

1. Simply leave the fund, in case costs such as domain fees for etc. occur.

2. Donate to the Julia OpenCollective, which would benefit BioJulia as well as the rest of the Julia ecosystem. Indeed our CI and bots we use like Registrator, are developed by, and provided free for us to use, by them! So it would make sense to give something back.

Thank you so much for supporting our project so far.

Many Thanks,
Sabrina Ward,