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First grant announcement: Erik & Ecash
Published on March 20, 2024 by Christoph Ono

If you're in the Bitcoin Design Discord, you may have come across Erik and his design contributions to eNuts, which is a wallet for the Cashu protocol. He regularly shares his design work and asks for feedback, and also participates in the larger community in different ways. Check out his talk about usability and design at Baltic Honeybadger 2023.

Cashu is a Chaumian Ecash system for bitcoin, one of the two well-known implementations next to Fedimint. Ecash can potentially play an important role in the bitcoin ecosystem next to the base chain, lightning, and other layers, due to its low fees, transaction speed, and privacy properties. Ecash mints are centralized around individuals or federations, which can be both a useful property (self-sovereignty of trusted groups), but also a security problem. Good design can help users navigate these dynamics better, avoid pitfalls, and focus on simply using bitcoin as money.

The grant will support Erik on continuing his work on eNuts, help bring more awareness to Ecash in the ecosystem and design community, and gather best practices for Ecash UX in the Bitcoin Design Guide.

We are excited to follow along.