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Grant #3: Jakub & Bitcoin Core App
Published on May 20, 2024 by Christoph Ono

We’re very happy to issue a first grant to Jakub! 

Our second grant related to the Bitcoin Core App project goes to Jakub. He is a UX generalist at Alby with a background in psychology and has also helped other projects like Bitcoin Connect, Bitcoin Layers, and indeed the Bitcoin Core App itself.

Jakub and Mo have created a UX research plan for the next months that they are going to collaborate on. During this important phase of the project where big parts of the interface are being finalized and implemented, their research will ensure that the application really solves user problems in all the right ways.

In addition to research, Jakub will also continue his design contributions (for an example, see the wallet creation issue), and support implementation via regular testing and QA.

Follow him on Nostr, Twitter, and Github.

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