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Grant #4: Yashraj & Silent Payments
Published on May 22, 2024 by Christoph Ono

We’re very happy to issue a first grant to Yashraj! 

Yashraj has been actively involved in the community, is a long time contributor to Bitcoin Core App and collaborated with Dan Gould on the excellent Payjoin case study in the Bitcoin Design Guide. 

With this grant Yashraj will focus on and explore the UX best practices for Silent Payments, an up-and-coming privacy technique in a similar vein to BIP-47 payment codes

Unlike regular bitcoin addresses, which are only meant to be used once, silent payment codes can be shared publicly without affecting privacy. Wallets can tweak the payment code to derive unique addresses to send bitcoin to. The recipient who created the payment code, can identify and control addresses derived from it. This allows anyone to send bitcoin to a recipient, without the need for interaction, while also avoiding transactions that can be easily linked. This change in interaction model requires new UX and UI patterns.

Financial privacy is an important and fundamental challenge, in bitcoin and beyond so we are really excited that Yashraj is going to work on this. You can follow him on Nostr and Twitter.

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